#Empower With Love

Hope Academy is providing a national and American style of Special Education and rehabilitation system which follows both the National and American Curriculum.

Mission & Values
Hope Academy serves children with Special Needs, by recognizing students as individual learners with unique needs and learning styles.
Our environment is adapted to increase students’ rehabilitation.
We accept students with diverse disabilities to empower and ensure their inclusion and equality in society.
Our Story
Hope Academy was founded in September 2018 by parents with special needs children. Collectively, they were looking for an integrated special needs school, as well as a place for their children to continue learning after they had graduated from high school. They came together and created the Hope Academy, an all-inclusive educational facility for children and young adults with disabilities of all kinds.
The Curriculum
Our experience over the years has shown that there are a handful of tried and tested curriculums that fit children with special needs. We’ve pulled together some of the highlights that we have found helpful to create an individual learning program that helps our pupils develop better in their life.
The campus
The campus is located on 3000 square meters of land in a residential area of El-Sherouk City. The physical facilities of the school consist of main administration offices, 5 early intervention classrooms, 10 academic classrooms, ABA classrooms, physiotherapy clinic, 4 speech therapy units, vocational classrooms, and different vocational workplaces, play area, specialist gym, workshops, music room, sensory room, computer lab, clinic, art room, cafeteria, and restaurant.